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Friday, August 27, 2004

Miss G and L.J.

Setting: School cafeteria, 30 minutes into the first sixth grade dance.

Characters: Miss G, brand new, young hip and totally-happening-in-a-far-out-way art teacher. L.J., awkward 11 year old sixth grader who has learning disabilities, but is gifted and knows all about history and was super enthusiastic when he was assigned Dwight Eisenhower as his president for a portrait. This kid KNOWS US history.

L.J.: Miss G., I always feel so stupid when I dance!

Miss G.: (feeling sorry for him but trying not to act like it) Oh, don't worry! All you have to do is get in the middle of a big group of people and no one will even see you, there's like 400 kids here!

L.J.: But I feel like I look so stupid!

Miss G.: Well, this is one of your first dances, after about ten or so, you'll be a total pro. I know, I've been to a lot of dances.

L.J.: But I feel really stupid, even when I dance in my room by myself.

Miss G.: Hmmmmmmm... (Is thinking, "Probably one of those things you keep to yourself, if you want to embark into any sort of coolness within the next 6 years")

Yeah, that kid's a trip. First, he's all excited about Dwight Eisenhower. The only presidents any kid has gotten even somewhat excited about are the usuals: George Washington and Abe Lincoln. They could give a rat's ass about the rest of them.

Then, when I call out the presidents names, he asks me, "Do you think you could call him GENERAL Eisenhower?"

Next, he totally knows the dates of D-day and does this great narrative background of the events behind his portrait of GENERAL Eisenhower.

Then, he asks me, "Wasn't there a president who was elected a bunch of times, so they had to make the law to limit presidents to 2 terms?" I'm like, "Oh, totally! That's FDR!"

Finally, he asks me if I think a hippie could ever be elected president. Trying to be diplomatic and not interfere in swaying any children's political ideas, I say, "Well, I don't think that a dude with long hair, beard and bell bottoms on would necessarily get elected president. But it might be possible for someone to be elected who USED to be a hippie." He says to me, "Well, I sure hope there's never a hippie elected! Because then he'd get rid of all our nuclear weapons and we'd be screwed!"

Dude, this kid has opinions about foreign policy, a working knowledge of US history and good critique on white-man-dancing. He's going places. I can tell.


Blogger Earnest said...

you should have told him..hey LJ there was a hippie president..luckily he never inhaled though

8:53 PM  

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