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Friday, August 13, 2004

Dear Charlie

Even though I haven't seen a spot of rain today, Charlie, this is for you...

You made it possible for me to make a much needed trip to the bank.

You also made it possible for me to get my tire fixed with no hassles.

You also allowed me to stay up later and finish the book I've been reading.

You allowed me to NOT set the alarm last night before finally going to bed.

You were the reason I got to see Katie Couric in Athens this morning.

You are why I could crawl back into bed and sleep a little more.

You are the reason that when I finally did get up and showered and dressed, I could put on my flip flops and wear them for the rest of the day.

You are why I'm catching up on things that needed catching up on.

You are why I now have a 3-day weekend.

Thanks, Charlie, I owe you one.

PS. You are the reason one of my "holidays" will be made into a school day. But I won't hold that against you right now.


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